The Best Cure for a Hangover


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I am not normally a solo drinker, but a couple of nights ago Shirl was catching up on some soaps on TV. I was getting acquainted with Amazon Music, and I cracked open a bottle of red wine to help the evening go well. Before I knew it I had finished it off and was more than half way down a second – and it was very late. Shirl had gone to bed hours before.

Several cups of coffee in the morning, and some aspirin and I was still rough. So a walk on the moors was in order to get my head clear. I didn’t fancy anything too long, but preferred a short, streanuous hike. I decided to walk to one of the cairns near the top of the moors.

Setting off from Wells Road in Ilkley, I was soon at the White Wells. White Wells cottage is a few hundred feet up on the moors and is a local land mark. It can be seen for miles around, and was originally a spa well 200 years ago. It is one of those places where tourists go, but not too many go much farther onto the moors ‘proper’. Still, it is a good place to catch your breath as it can be quite steep getting there.

So I sat on the bench for a few minutes and looked down onto the town where I used to live in the ’70’ and ’80’s…so much had changed. But I do like Ilkley…it has a certain charm about it – quite cosmopolitan really (probably much more so since I left)…

Setting off, I walked up the steep path behind the Wells, and onto the moor. Through dying bracken, and eventually up the steep rocky steps to the top of the moors. A bit of quick route finding (I hadn’t been up here for years) and I arrived at the cairn.

The views were superb, and again I sat and took it all in. Just amazing!

By the time I had got down to the car I was feeling much better. Best cure ever!