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No one likes getting up early, least of all me. I love my bed especially when it is dark and cold outside. There is nothing nicer than to  snuggle up under the covers, especially if {S} has brought me a cup of tea up (which is rare). It is usually me who gets up first to let the cat out.

Gizmo is an old ginger tom that we inherited and if it is winter or bad weather then we let him stay in – the downside is that he wants letting out early in the morning and comes to find us, usually scratting about the bedroom until one of us gets up to let him out.  And it is nice to get back into a toasty bed and warm my cold feet on {S}’s back. I think most people who have to get up early as part of their daily routine appreciate a lie-in from time to time.

But just occasionally – if I am more awake than normal and feeling quite disciplined or creative, and if the weather looks promising – I may sneak out with a camera and go off in search of photographs. The best time is when the air is cold and frosty, not so cold that you have to totally strip the car of snow and ice and leave it running for half an hour waking the neighbours, but just cold enough so there is a frost on the windows and the grass is white.

Fortunately I live very near to 4 very large remote reservoirs and it is to these that I often head out to.  The best time for me is just before dawn when the day is still dark and the sun hasn’t quite risen yet, and the dog walkers are still sleeping. This is also the best time to see the wildlife and it is not uncommon to spot some deer or a stray fox or a heron catching his breakfast.

But possibly the nicest part is when you return home and everyone is still in bed and you have started the day with some great photos!