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Just occasionally you get that beautiful golden light at the end of the day – photographers will know what I mean. The shadows get longer as the sun gets lower – and the clouds, previously unnoticed now stand out and draw a veil across the sky. The water fowl come home to roost and the air is filled with swifts catching their last meal before they tuck themselves in for the night.

I live 10 minutes away from Fewston reservoir and it is near enough to have a quick walk around it’s 4 miles circumference if I don’t have time for a longer walk and want to ‘stretch my legs’. It is also one of my favourite spots as it is a haven for wildlife and although it can get busy (it is a popular spot) I always find something new each time I visit it.

On this day I had timed it just right…the sun was just starting to go down and the light was magical.

I hope you like these…