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Anyone who lives in the UK will know the terrible ‘summer’ we are having – constantly raining, windy and cold. I had promised Shirl I would tile the bathroom but this particular day looked dry and a bit nicer so (at the risk of an argument) I grabbed my boots and camera and headed to the hills.

Kettlewell village was my destination, the way being up through Grassington moor – past the old lead mines and on past Mossdale Scar – over Capplestone Gate and down to this picturesque little village.. Maybe a quick pint at ‘The Racehorses’ and back along the moor road back to Grassington. A very very long walk, but I hadn’t been out for ages and I needed to do one.

I walked the several miles to Mossdale Scar and down the moor road for a mile or so. The road turns left towards Cappleston Gate over open moorland – very very bleak with absolutely no shelter at all.

Looking back over my shoulder I was startled to see some very black rain clouds towards Grassington and knowing I was going to get drenched with at the very least 10 miles to go I decided to turn back.

Fortunately I managed to get back without it raining, and by the time I got back to the car the sun was starting to shine. You can’t win!

At least I stayed dry, and I got a good walk too!