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A friend of mine bought a new zoom lens from a well respected lens manufacturer, and he asked me to try it out for him as he thought there may be something wrong with it. As it is autumn and the trees had their coloured coats on, I thought of Haworth churchyard. It is full of contrast and colour, and it is not far from where I live. I thought it an ideal place to try it.

I took lots of shots of the gravestones, trees and the Parsonage – however when I put the photos on screen I was disappointed to discover the lens was a dud. It was badly out of focus on one side and the contrast was all wrong. It was totally unusable.

So I had a lot of dud photos and I thought maybe some of them could be salvaged – if I played around with them. I don’t normally ‘edit’ my photos but I had to do something, so I extended the presence and contrast, enhanced the blacks and added a ‘dreamy’ feel to them.

If you half close your eyes maybe you can see Charlotte Bronte peering out of the Parsonage window or see Emily and Branwell walking amongst the gravestones.

Or maybe they are just crap…