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I originally started this blog to be used as an ‘electronic notepad’ for our small walking group – so I could post photos of our walks and write up the outings we had – just intended for a few of us really.

But sadly our group disbanded shortly after and I decided to keep the blog going – I wanted people to see how beautiful the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District are, and also to share my adventures above and below ground.

It just grew and grew and grew and now I find immense therapy in writing and posting – it also gives me a purpose – if I take a picture I think ‘Oh, that might look good on the blog’ – rather than just keeping them on the hard drive and no-one but family and close friends viewing them. I also feel part of a special community of fantastic people who aren’t afraid to share their ideas and works with the world.

So this is my 100th post – and I want to say a very big ‘Thank You’ to all of you for helping make it a success.  To all the bloggers who have inspired, awed, mesmerized, frightened, commented, entertained and just plain been there. And also the amazing people at WordPress who make this possible. Thank You! You have kept me going (you really have).

I’ll also take this opportunity to answer a couple of questions I keep getting asked…

  • Q – What cameras do I use and do I have a favourite manufacturer?
  • A – I currently use Pentax cameras – and have various Pentax and Sigma lenses. I have owned cameras from almost every manufacturer and I don’t have a favourite – although I have owned more Nikons than Canons (and smashed more too – caving is dangerous to flesh and camera equipment).
  • Q – Mac or PC?
  • A – I  have never ever used a Mac (desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet or phone) although I once built a ‘Hackintosh‘ for a bit of fun. I am sure they are fantastic it is just that I have never used one.
  • Q – Do I have a website?
  • A – www.jameselkingtonphotography.com and I have a twitter account @jamesmhe – also a facebook account
  • Q – Am I a professional photographer?
  • A – Unfortunately not, although I have exhibited in galleries and I have had work published in magazines and I do sell some photographs. I work in I.T. for the worlds largest law firm.

Finally – a few pics of autumn I took on Saturday – enjoy!