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Many people associate the town of Whitby, on the East coast of England with vampires. In Bram Stoker’s novel, ‘Dracula’ the Count leaves his ancestral home at Transylvania and arrives at Whitby, en route to London.

Many of the shops in the town sell ‘spooky things’ and there is also an amazing Goth Weekend held there (usually) in November. Whitby is (rightly so) very proud of it’s vampire and ghostly traditions.

The Abbey was founded in 657 AD and sits on top if the hill overlooking the town and the sea. There are many photographs of the Abbey available but I wanted to take some which show the ‘mystery’ of the Abbey – not a ‘chocolate box’ shot.

So I waited, and as luck would have it I was on the East coast last week when a heavy fog came in. I grabbed a camera (& Shirl) and we set off for Whitby and the Abbey.

Hope these convey some of the mystery of the Abbey – and if you look very closely is that a monk in the fog, or a vampire (or Shirl in a ‘hoody’)….