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Would you like to spend an evening alone out here? This moor is weird

This is Rombalds moor and humans have settled here for over 4000 years. They have left their marks on the moors with bronze age stone circles and strange rock carvings. There are many of them – probably more than on any other place in England. There are also strange stone crosses, whose origins no one really knows.

Mysterious lights are occasionally seen on the moors at night (my wife and I – who were living in a flat which backed onto the moor – watched with fascination and unease as a lot of strange lights zig-zagged across the moors for a good 2 hours one evening many years ago). There is even the tale of an alien abduction.

Apart from all the mystery it is an incredibly beautiful and fascinating place and I am really enjoying re-discovering it. I live about 5 miles away so I can visit it often. I’ll post more about it in weeks to come.