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… it has been a pleasure walking with you.

After 5 perfect years together our partnership is to end, my dear old Pentax K10D and I are parting company. I will miss you totally – you have been my second skin – a true friend who has been with me through thick and thin – through adventure after adventure and never complained or let me down once. You have been my eyes, we have shared the same vision. I treated you with respect and you have repaid me by never taking an out of focus or overexposed photo.

Together we have explored old lead mines and caves – walked along ancient drovers tracks and hiked in the mountains and Dales. We have experienced sunrises, sunsets, seen the snow fall in the evening and the early morning mist rising over the lakes – and we have been caught in severe storms. We have explored old castles and monasteries – flown to far away countries and seen my grandchildren laugh and take their first steps. She has been bumped, drowned and ‘smacked’…and has come out smiling. A tough old bird is the K10D.

But she hasn’t retired yet – she is going to live with a good a friend of mine and fellow walker/explorer/hiker – another James. I am sure they will be very happy together and will have a long friendship. He will look after her very well I am sure.

The blog will still be called the same – it wouldn’t have the same ring – ‘Walking with a Brand New Shiny Expensive Nikon’ would it – besides I still have several hundreds of photos taken with the Pentax that haven’t been published yet. So there will be many pics to come that have been taken with the K10D.

So in honour of a faithful and loyal friend here are 2 dozen of the best pics she has taken over the years (forgive me if you have already seen some of these)…enjoy! And may you wish her well…