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I didn’t have too much to drink on Christmas Day, so I was up quite early Boxing Day morning. I looked out the window and it was dry but foggy and wanting to try the new walking boots Shirl bought me (“and remember, don’t get them muddy”) I left the house before she was up.

Not wanting to go too far with new boots on I drove up to the ‘spooky woods’ about 5 miles away and had about a 7 mile walk through the fog and out onto Hangingstones Moor.

We named them the ‘spooky woods’ as they are at the side of a reservoir with a flooded village beneath and they seem very eerie and still. It is said you can hear childrens’ voices there when it is quiet. I didn’t hear any this day but I saw some deer which shot off when I approached them.

The boots were fine (I did get them a little bit muddy though) and was back in time for a nice lunch.