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I don’t know if this old stone is called ‘The Sentinel’ or not, but that is the name I have given it. Because over the past 4 or 5 thousand years it must have stood guard on these windswept moors.

It is situated on a part of Ilkley moor known as ‘Woofa Bank’, and little was previously known about this area. But a devastating fire destroyed parts of the moor a few years ago and when the cover was burnt off a full unexcavated Neolithic settlement was revealed.

There are remains of prehistoric walls, megaliths (standing stones) and carved rocks (petroglyphs) which signify some sort of ritual had taken place here, and there are a cluster of prehistoric tombs just 100 yards or so to the West. It is reckoned by experts that something ‘important’ took place here, not just farm enclosures or ‘settlements’. There is also a couple of stone circles and a Neolithic cemetery nearby.

Megalith - Woofa Bank, Ilkley moor

Megalith – Woofa Bank, Ilkley moor

It is a fascinating place, and even I can tell that something major had been going on here. You just have to walk here to feel it all around you.

And until a few short years ago it was under the bracken.

** Folklore tells us that the people who lived on this part of the moors were involved in the last battle with the Romans on this plain.

Please see this excellent site for more information about this fascinating area.