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Can you imagine walking across the bleak high moors in heavy fog and coming across this old cross in the middle of nowhere? Talk about spooked, or what? I had forgotten all about the cross so it was a surprise when it appeared out of the mist.

This is ‘Cowpers (or Cawpers) Cross’ and it is situated high on Ilkley moor. No one knows how old it is but it was possibly used to stop local people congregating at a nearby non-Christian site for their Spring gatherings.

There was, until recently an old monolith nearby and this cross may have been erected on a stone age burial site. Who knows – there was human habitation on these moors for at least 7000 years – and the place is littered with stone circles, Neolithic cemeteries and strange rock carvings (more later).

Which makes the place a just a bit spooky