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My grandson Mackenzie who is 5 often comes on the moors with me. He has his own map, compass, binoculars and camera – and when the weather is good we grab a snack and a drink and can spend a hours up there. He loves it and so do I.

He is fantastic company. I admire his enthusiasm for everything and I often come home with a pocket full of stones, or leaves. He has an uncanny ability to seek out mud. Where mere mortals avoid it and stick to the path, he has to stomp and jump in it. Often he has to come back to ours for a bath and a change of clothes before I take him back to his mums.

His younger brother Finley, who is 3, came with us yesterday. I had the afternoon off and we all went on the moors – it was Finleys first time there and he screamed and shrieked with joy and ran, and climbed and jumped streams and ran into the bracken and loved every moment. We walked about 4 miles – which is a fair way (I was prepared to carry him back if he got tired) but he did fine. I was so proud of them both.

I think it immensely important to get them outdoors – and we are fortunate to live so close to the moors we can go up there all the time…or other places too.

This photo shows both of them playing hide and seek, hiding in a hollow scooped out of a rock. Brilliant!