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Another one for you lovers of prehistoric rock art. This one is known as ‘The Tree of Life’ and lies on Snowden moor…a couple of miles from my house. It is the gateway to a unexcavated huge Neolithic settlement – which is only really visible in winter when the bracken is dead.

Local folklore says it used to be a site of early morning Beltane (May 1) gatherings and locals have referred to it as ‘The Tree of Life’ although no explanation is known why.

The carvings are starting to fade after 5000 years or so and the lines between the ‘cups’ are hard to see – so I have included an old drawing of the stone showing the markings in better detail.


Standing all alone next to this stone when the sun goes down you can’t help but wonder what these ancient markings mean and who carved them. And who lived in the settlement next to it. Maybe one day it will get excavated and we’ll find out more…

You can read more about ‘The Tree of Life’ stone here