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This week I decided to play ‘hooky’ from work, as a good friend was coming down from his home in Scotland to visit his parents who live locally. As he is an archaeologist who specializes in the bronze and iron age era, I couldn’t wait to meet up with him again. I wanted to go on a couple of trips with him and pick his brains – besides he is just a really nice guy.

We had a few superb days on the moors examining the old carvings, tombs and stone circles, and yesterday we decided to have a day in the Dales where there are a lot of bronze and iron age remains which have been rarely visited.

I know the Dales quite well and we decided to visit the Dowkabottom area of Littondale. Apart from containing a superb cave (from which was found the bones of a child who was buried in a stalactite grave) it also contains a natural amphitheater with a superb echo.

Also on the hills are about 40 or so very weird ‘curriks’ or cairns. I haven’t been able to find out much about them, but I suspect they aren’t very old – maybe a couple of hundred years or so (just my guess).

Anyway we explored a couple of iron age enclosures and hut circles and had a really great afternoon. I should play ‘hooky’ more often 😉