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Ok, this is a strange one…

I was on the moors recently with a good friend of mine, Paul Bennett. Now Paul is an Antiquarian and has spent almost 40 years exploring these old moors, being up there every weekend at least and sometimes more. He is the author of numerous books on the Neolithic settlements of these moors, and is regarded by all as an expert.

We were at a spot little visited, and he pointed out a very small man made tunnel about 14″ wide and 12″ high. He said he found it as a boy and he explored it with his young brother and a friend. In the true spirit of ‘Indiana Jones’, they sent the little brother up it with a torch. He reported that It goes quite some way into the hillside (30 ft) and stops at a boulder lodged in the passage. He could see the way on, but the brother – being only 7 decided to retreat as he feared he may get stuck.

To date no one has come up with an explanation of what this tunnel is. Although prior to Paul publishing it on his blog yesterday, very few people knew about it and only 4 or 5 have visited it. It is extremely hard to find – even with a map and compass.

Another very strange thing…when it was discovered the entrance was blocked by a large stone. Paul resealed up the entrance when they left the day it was found, but next week when they revisited it the stone was several feet away on the moor. This happened for a number of weeks., even after they resealed the entrance with stones and peat. One evening Paul and a friend camped on the moors, and when they woke up the stone had been ‘thrown’ 5 yards distance, despite them sleeping not 30 ft away!

Paul and I have contacted the West Yorkshire archaeologists several weeks ago, and despite sending them photos and a very long description of the ‘Fairy Mine’ as Paul calls it,  they haven’t come up with any idea of what it may be…

There is no evidence of any mining activity in the area, and there is no entry on old maps or journals. There has been no record of any industry on this part of the moors.

I find this particular area of the moor very ‘creepy’ – few go there (Paul has never seen another person up there in 40 years, and neither have I) and it is near an old healing well which has it’s tales of faeries and strange lights.

Very odd…

If you are interested, I strongly advise you to read Paul’s full description on his blog here

And if you have any ideas of what it may be – answers on a post card please…