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You know how some places are strange – they give off an air of mystery, and make you feel uneasy.

Well this is one such place, the Doubler Stones of Ilkley Moor. And on a moor that itself is very strange, these weird stones stand out.

First mentioned in the local Addingham parish records of 1786 – and later by Nicholas Size who described them as ‘haunted’ – these old stones have been the meeting place of witches (it is believed that the Timble witches and the Pendle witches met here in the 17th century) and possibly later the place of sacrificial rites.

There are also feint prehistoric ‘cup and ring’ carvings on the top of the stones and as this area of the moors were inhabited by Neolithic farmers it is possible they too performed some sort of ritual here.

A geological ‘freak’, the Doubler stones are visible for miles around, and it is a lovely walk along the high moors to reach them.

But even on a warm summers morning they can be creepy, and on a dark evening when the wind is howling around them they must be very spooky indeed!

You can read more about the Doubler Stones here   http://megalithix.wordpress.com/2009/02/01/doubler-stones-ilkley-moor/