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Trollers Gill is a smallish limestone gorge in beautiful Nidderdale – a couple of miles or so from the show cave of Stump Cross Caverns.

I normally only go there when I am on a much longer walk in the area – however a couple of weeks ago I had a spare hour or two and Shirl suggested that I piss off out as I am doing her head in  go for a nice walk before Sunday lunch (something I rarely partake in as I am usually on the moors).

So I soon drive up to the parking spot on a really lovely autumn morning and set off along the old miners track towards the gorge.

Now the gorge is steeped in legends – trolls, fairies and other mysterious folk are supposed to inhabit the area, along with a huge black dog with red saucer sized eyes that once chased an unfortunate lead miner through the gorge one evening (one tale says he got away – another says his horrifically mauled body was found the next day). Whatever the tale – the gorge is reputed to be haunted. There is also remains of an Iron Age settlement nearby with lots of mysterious rock carvings near the gorge. But this morning was so bright and cheerful I just couldn’t imagine anything evil lurking there – although the gorge is a bit claustrophobic as it is narrow and dark – but it isn’t very long.

There are a couple of old lead mines nearby – you can enter one quite a way in until it meets a deep pool, and the other one is blocked about 12 feet in.

Anyway, the whole trip took a couple of hours and I walked about 3 miles or so – and home to an argument  a lovely roast beef dinner.