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I had been walking for miles on Bordley moor when I came across this little circle of stones. Curiously arranged into shape by man, the tallest stone is about 4 ft. high and the whole circle is on a slightly raised embankment. I think it may be a prehistoric burial, it is near a Iron Age settlement which is unexcavated (most here are).

I have been unable to discover any reference to it anywhere, but one of my archaeo friends also thinks it could be a simple burial site.

From the burial circle you can seeΒ Pendle Hill in Lancashire – scene of the famous Pendle Witches of the 17th Century.

And then I got to thinking about who might lying be under there. Who would be lucky enough to be buried on this beautiful moor with magnificent views over the Dales.

An old Drovers Road winding it’s way over the moors! I have walked this old road for miles and miles…

And I just wish that when my time is up someone will put my ashes on a wind swept moor somewhere, with beautiful views and the red kite and curlew for company – rather than be buried in some dry cemetery with manicured lawns and artificial headstones…