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This is Blubberhouses moor – looking towards Timble Great Wood and beyond. It is bleak, wild and (I think) very beautiful.

It contains a wealth of prehistoric rock carvings, ancient settlements, standing stones and burial cairns. A dead straight Roman Road runs across it, and various tracks were used by the monks of nearby Fountains Abbey on their long lonely journeys. They left behind strange marker stones and odd carvings.

The fence is to keep the sheep from wandering off the moor (but it doesn’t always work, and many times you round a corner and there are a couple of them in the road). There are various paths across the moors, but it is easy to get lost and a map and compass can be vital tools to take.

I drive past it almost every day, and I can see it from my upstairs window. I will write much more about this fascinating moor shortly – stay tuned 🙂

Blubberhouses Moor