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A couple of weeks ago I was out walking on the moors with two friends, one who suggested we have a look for Harden stone circle. He had been there several times and has written about it here. He knew I liked circles and thought I would like to see this one.

Harden moor is a few miles from my home, and contains a wealth of prehistoric remains – including about 20 known burial mounds, a damaged enclosure and some standing stones (now sadly damaged). It also contains a really lovely little stone circle. I was keen to see it.

So in heavy rain, we traipsed through deep wet heather, getting soaked, and eventually met a small path used by mountain bikers and dog walkers, and before long there it was in front of us. A really beautiful 5000 year old stone circle. Unfortunately the path went straight through the middle of it – one or two stones having been knocked down to make way for it.

Unfortunately this is often the way with these ancient artifacts – people who should (and are paid) to protect these monuments, don’t. So many are being destroyed by ignorant farmers, landowners and others (don’t get me started)…

A little about the circle – it is probably a ‘ring cairn’  rather than a pure ‘stone circle‘ – and it is a rare ‘double’ ring too. It is 24 feet across and contains about 20 standing stones. It was excavated in the 1950’s and “four or five Bronze Age urns” were discovered – possibly containing Bronze Age cremation ashes – no more information about where they now are are available.

Anyway, it is a beautiful little circle and if you are in the area well worth a visit. It is so easy to get to, half an hour walking over the moors – of you can take your mountain bike – the path goes straight through it!