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It was such a gorgeous weekend and my daughter suggested I take my grandsons out to the ‘local beauty spot’ for a play. I thought she knew me better – I don’t do ‘local beauty spots’, for a start it would be choc-a-bloc busy and I hate touristy places. But I could hear the moors beckoning…

The oldest, Mackenzie, is 6 and he often comes with me on my walks. He is a seasoned hiker and loves the moors and Dales – he probably knows them better than most adults, and he has walked 11 miles with me before. He is always up for a walk and never tires. He can read a map and is very competent.

Finley is 4, and although he has been with me once or twice before on short walks, his was an unknown quantity. I didn’t know if he had his brothers stamina, but I thought I would give him the chance to prove himself.

So I packed a rucksack, binoculars, map and camera and we set off. I had thought about a visit to the Eagle Stone on Blubberhouses moor, but it is quite a hike. Instead I chose Lippersley Pike – and old stone shelter (some say a Roman Watchtower – as the Roman road is nearby). In truth I don’t think anyone knows what it is…

So we walked through Timble Old Wood, and past a pond which was teeming with frogs. Finley wouldn’t hold one in case it ‘bit him’. We looked for deer (didn’t see any) and had our dinner at Lippersley Pike. We climbed standing stones, took photos and chased each other in the heather (Finley said the prickly heather reminded him of a Hedgehogs bum).

We never made it to the Eagle Stone – it would have been far for Finley. But he did manage 5 miles…which for a 4 year old is quite some going. He loved every minute of it – we all did.

Anyway, back to ours where Shirl peeled off their (very) muddy clothes and ran them in a hot soapy bath, then we all had tea and told each other tales of the moors and the hedgehogs bum.

Better than any ‘local beauty spot’ 🙂