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Several years ago, a good mate of mine and his friend discovered this beautiful prehistoric carving under some turf on a rock on a little known area of the moors. They cataloged it, called it ‘The Earth Mysteries Stone’ and then for reasons known only to themselves, covered it back over and all but forgot about it.

A few weeks ago I was on this part of the moor, and as I neared the area where the stone was I saw that the turf had been peeled away and the carving was visible in all it’s glory. I can only guess that my friends ‘friend’ had exposed it as very few know about this stone.

Anyway, that said, the stone is about 4 ft. long and the carvings are really superb and quite deep. Probably carved 5 to 6 thousand years ago, no one knows what they mean, or who carved them. The stone lies in an area of the moor where there are lots of other very elaborate stone carvings – loads of them in fact, and also a big superb stone cairn circle has been very recently discovered (again by my friend) buried in the deep bracken – (with 3 ft. high outer stones, the circle is 13 yards across) – probably a grave for a Bronze Age chieftain or King.

Anyway, just to see this carving and to trace your fingers through the indentations made thousands of years ago is really special. This is a carving which deserves to be seen – not covered over by turf and not visible to anyone. I see it as having a Picasso or some other rare artwork kept in a darkened room where no-one can see it.