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Rising up like the bow of an old battleship, this is Pendle hill in nearby Lancashire – the scene of the Lancashire Witch Trials which happened in the 17th century.

Twelve were accused of the murder of ten people by witchcraft, and after a lengthy trial ten were found guilty and hanged. One died in prison and one was found not guilty. It is a fascinating story and much too long for this post. There are plenty of references to it on the web – but for those of you who want a full history here is the Wikipedia version of events.

The prosecutions star witness was a nine year old child – Jennet Device, who was a family member of some of those accused. Jennet gave evidence against her mother, brother and sister. The trials tore families apart and aroused suspicions and resentment in the district for years.

Several years ago I worked in Blackpool and drove past Pendle hill every day. It was always eerie – especially on an evening or when it was dark or in mist. It is still a creepy place – even on a summers day.