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This track comprises part of Rombalds Way – a 15 mile long path that starts in the village of Menston, goes along the side of Ilkley moor, Addingham, Draughton and then down into Skipton. I did it many years ago, and had planned to do it this year but as I sustained an injury with my knee haven’t been able to. Now that I am fitter I may undertake it in a couple of months time.

The path is named after the legendary Giant Rombald who is said to have inhabited these moors and whom the moor and this track is named after.

That is what I love about these moors – not just the wildness and rugged beauty of the place, but of the old legends, myths, old gods and giants. And when you are walking along these old tracks, you know that others have walked along them for thousands of years before you.