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These two are munching on some nice lead enriched grass at Yarnbury, with the old Cupola chimney in the background. It doesn’t seem to have done them any harm 🙂

This place is wild and beautiful and the work was backbreaking. But with a much better view than a city centre any day.

Part of the 1600 metres long flue which goes from the abandoned and destroyed Cupola Smeltmill to the chimney. It is possible to walk, or crouch most of the way up it.

The smelt mill was built by the Duke of Devonshire to serve the lead mines on Yarnbury in 1792. At the height of production the smelt mill contained two coal-fired reverberatory (‘cupola’) furnaces, a roasting furnace and a slag hearth.

The flue was regularly scraped and washed out and the contents led into settling ponds lying just above the smelt mill.

And on a hot summers day it provides a nice refreshing swim 🙂