Last Saturday, my walking buddy and overall good guy, James (and now owner of the ‘Smacked Pentax’) and I decided to pay a visit to the massive Iron Age Earthworks of Counter Hill. This is one place we haven’t been for a while, and when we did visit it last didn’t see it all – it is massive!

As the earthworks lies on the far side of Rombalds moor, the easiest way to get there was via the old Roman road out of the little village of Addingham, where James lives. The nearby town of Ilkley was a Roman Garrison (Olicana) 2000 years ago, and the Romans built several roads around here.

The road starts off as a farm track, but soon we left the farm behind and were out in open countryside with no one about.

Roman roads have a reputation for being straight, and this one was as straight as a die.

This place feels very old…I suspect that the Roman road was built on another, more ancient track used by the Iron Age people of Counter Hill.

Unfortunately, just as we were approaching Counter Hill the sky turned dark and we were consumed by a blizzard. Neither of us were expecting that and we had come unprepared. Realising that is wouldn’t be much fun walking around a sodden field in a snow storm we headed back. We were cold and it would be hard taking any photos as snow flakes kept falling on the lens as soon as the cap was removed – making photography almost impossible. Besides the snow was getting in our eyes and we wouldn’t be able to see much anyway. So Counter Hill defeated us this time, but we will certainly be back another day.