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This was taken a couple of years ago. It had been snowing constantly for a couple of days, but the afternoon turned bright but very cold.

I took the bus to the village of Menston where I used to live, then up Moor Lane and onto one of the ancient trackways over the moors. This was the view looking towards Hawkesworth moor at late afternoon (it’s worth seeing it big – just click on it).

Twenty minutes later it was dusk, and I stumbled off the moors in almost pitch blackness, but for a big bright Hunters moon illuminating the paths. I slipped on my backside more than once, but eventually managed to make it to Ben Ryhdding where I caught a bus home.

The whole of the moors were perfectly still and quiet – you only get this after a big snow fall – it is the same whether on the moors or the city. The snow must absorb any sounds. It was really beautiful, but quite eerie too.