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I was up early this morning and together with a good friend we headed out towards Timble and onto Blubberhouses moor. I was hoping to show James the remains of the Green Plain Settlement – I had told him about it before and we both fancied a visit.

This moor really is superb – bleak, secretive and full of prehistoric artefacts – including the remains of Bronze and Iron Age settlements, strange rock carvings, burial mounds, standing stones and even a Roman Road. There are also a couple of stone circles hidden in the long heather for good measure!

Little now remains of the settlement, but it hasn’t been excavated. A couple of years ago I came up here with Danny, a friend of mine and within half an hour we had discovered 14 unrecorded prehistoric rock carvings – good ones too!

But today it was far too wet, everywhere was a quagmire. We also didn’t have enough time – James had an engagement with a roast chicken in the afternoon and couldn’t be late! Besides, 3 days ago this whole moor was under several inches of snow and everything was sodden.

Still, the settlement was been here for 5000 years or so, and we have plans to explore again in a week or so. I will let you know what we find 🙂