Well it started off well enough, but I guess it was my fault it went wrong. A couple of days ago my grandson Mackenzie was staying at our house and he said he had been learning all about the Romans at school.

Now I just happen to know there is a Roman road on the moors, and I asked Mackenzie if he wanted to see it. Always up for a walk on the moors, he naturally said ‘yes’ and off we went. It was about 6 in the evening when we set off and I expected to be back home by 8 – just in time for tea. I know the moors pretty well, but stray off the path and it would be easy to get lost if it got dark.


The Roman road eventually passes by an abandoned settlement, and for some reason Mackenzie got it into his head that we were going to dig for treasure there – he wanted to find a sword and shield to show his teacher.

Anyway, it was taking us longer than expected to get to the settlement – walking with an 8 yr. old is interesting, for every 1 mile you walk they walk 10, as they are constantly exploring and finding things and running around.

So we had been walking for an hour or so and I could see the settlement in the far distance. I was also keeping an eye on the sun which seemed to be going down quite quickly.

I suggested that we turn around as we wouldn’t get to the settlement and back before it got dark, and we could always go again when we had more time. Well he wasn’t happy. He got a huge sulk on and refused to go on. I tried explaing to him that it wasn’t a good idea to be out on the moors in the dark, and also his tea would be ready soon.

He was having none of it – and ran off down the road towards the settlement. Whenever I got near him he would run off into the moorland. He shouted that he was going to stay out here all night – and he wasn’t coming back, and he wasn’t my friend anymore! This wasn’t good, I was getting cross, but I didn’t want to shout or threaten him as that wouldn’t be healthy, and I didn’t want to frighten him. I knew he would come around eventually, and if it happened in the afternoon I wouldn’t be too bothered. But it was well past sunset and we were off the path with no lights.

So I gave him some space, but watched where he was so he didn’t get lost. After about twenty minutes or so he sat down on the heather and he let me sit down beside him. We talked for a bit and we were friends again, and we walked back to the car in the dark. Later that night, after a late tea, I beat him at Sonic The Hedgehog on the X-Box.