For the uninitiated, is a piece of prehistric rock art. Some people call it a Panel. It lies on Baildon moor, in the deep heather. Easy to miss when the heather is long in summer…best seen at the end or the beginning of the year, or when the heather is burnt back allowing new shoots to grow.

There are a lot of these about – but unless you know where to look they can be difficult to find. This one is about 4 feet long, by maybe 3 feet wide.

Some have deep markings, like this one, but on some the markings are quite feint and easy to miss. And to add to the mystery most of the markings have different patterns or swirls.

No one knows what they mean, or how old they are – but it is generally believed they were created between 5 and 7 thousand years ago. And there are a lot of them about – on this moor 30 or 40, but across the valley on Rombalds moor maybe 350 or more. Maybe even more on Blubberhouses or Denton moors on the other side of the Wharfe.

A lot of them still wait to be discovered – and it is great fun looking for them. One of the joys of walking on these old, mysterious moors.