This strange looking rock is a ‘Wart Well’.

It is about 18 inches high, and around 3 feet long, and is situated near the great rock outcrop of Almscliffe Crag about 4 miles from my house.

Almscliffe is a very, very strange place – full of old legends and myths. It stands out like the prow of an old battleship and can be seen for miles around. It is no wonder that ancients revered this place. It is covered in ancient markings, if you know where to find them.

Almscliffe crag from 5 miles away - in dead centre of this photo

Almscliffe crag from 5 miles away – in almost dead centre of this photo

Legend says Giant Rombald (of Rombalds moor fame – the moors are a few miles away) was being chased by his wife and she threw some stones at him and where they fell Almscliffe was created. Another legend says the Devil dropped them on his way to gather Souls.

I am currently undertaking lots of research about it and will do a full post on it – soon – honest πŸ™‚

This ‘Wart Well’ is just off to the side of the main crags, and it is also near a small cave at the base of the rocks – always known as the ‘Faerie’s Parlour’, an entrance to the underground.

Anyway, back to the ‘Wart Well’…. it is said, should you have a wart, prick it with a pin until a drop or two of blood drips into the water that gathers in the stone bowl, then dip your hand in afterwards. Β The wart is sure to vanish.

I just love these old legends – most have a gem of truth in them.

A friend of mine told this to a psychotherapist friend of his, who tried it and the wart promptly vanished!