About half a mile from where I live, along a winding country road, is a grand old  house set amidst it’s own grounds and hidden from view.

At the back of this house, across the road are some fields and thick woods. And in the middle of these woods is a large, deep lake.

I rarely go into the woods, there is no need as there is so much good walking around here that there isn’t much point. Besides, I really don’t like woods one bit – they give me the creeps.

But I knew this lake was here, as many years ago I was on a long walk with a girlfriend and her sister, and we went through these woods and we all saw the lake for the first time.

Then awhile ago I was perusing a map and saw the lake marked on it, so I decided to pay it a visit. The first thing you see is a small path through the woods, then you come to a derelict boat house. Immediately in front of the boat house is the lake. And surrounded on all sides is dense vegetation, almost impenetrable.

But if you persist, you can scramble your way through it without getting too many scratches, and get down to the water – but I doubt if you could get all the way around it – it is a big lake.

It is also very spooky, very quiet and still – and like a scene from one of those horror flicks, where a group of teenagers stay the night and get bumped off one by one. Not a place to linger if you are of a nervous disposition.

After doing a bit of research I discovered that the lake belongs to the residents of the big house, and also it was dug by French prisoners captured during the Napoleonic Wars – to give them something to do. The also built many of the dry stone walls that abound around here.

But I suppose if you coud conquer your nerves, it is probably a good place to watch water birds and wild fowl – as absolutely no one comes here and very few know about it.

But I won’t be one of them….