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Yesterday morning dawned bright and fair, and armed with a brand new camera I hadn’t yet used, I was wondering where to go to to try it out. I wanted some shots of autumn, and besides I had spent far too long on the moors lately and fancied a change. A nice river walk would do just fine.

I was just getting into the car when my daughter Bethanie rang asking if I would take her and the 4 kids to Burnsall to collect conkers. We first took her there when she was a little girl, and she remembered the place. She wanted to take her children there.

Rebecca and a leaf – which she carried there and back

We parked in the little Dales village, and walked along the side of the river Wharfe. It is a beautiful walk, part of the 80 mile ‘Dales Way’ footpath. Unfortunately this day we wouldn’t be walking the full length – only a couple of miles, but still the scenery is superb with the Wharfe flowing through narrow gorges and then on to long silent stretches – it was lovely.

We came to the ancient stepping stones across the river at a shallow, but wide place. Mackenzie, the oldest wanted to walk along them but there is a large gap or else a stone was mssing so his mum sensibly wouldn’t let him. There is now a single lane suspension bridge in it’s place, but the smaller children were nervous as it swayed when they got on it.


Finley, Lord of the Tree Trunk

Eventually we reached our destination – several huge Horse Chestnut trees with branches laden with conkers, and many more scattered on the ground. A treasure trove!

We spent a good hour there, gathering up the fallen conkers and throwing sticks into the branches to get some down from the trees. But we weren’t greedy, we left lots for others.

So eventually we headed back along the path to the car, and everyone had a nap on the 20 minute drive home. A good day was had by all.