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I have briefly mentioned the Roman road across Blubberhouses moor in a previous post, but I was in the pub the other night and I was telling someone about it. I explained that you could follow it for a couple of miles, then it literally just disappears into the moorland, never to be seen again. They found that hard to believe – they said it couldn’t just disappear! The moor wouldn’t swallow up a road. Surely not! There must be some trace of it!

But it does. And I find that really amazing. It is as though history is being wiped out – forgotten. I checked the Ordinance Survey map for the area, and it shows the road as a straight line, then just disappearing into nothing.

It hasn’t been bulldozed over, or built upon, or deliberately destroyed. No, the moorland has just grown over it, swallowed it up. Literally, the end of the road!