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Well, after hiking over the moors for half a century, and caving under them for nearly a decade and a half, I have spent a few days hospital and come out with a brand new shiny titanium knee. I seem to have worn my original one out!

This means that I will be on crutches for about 6 weeks, and no driving or walking for a similar period. But it doesn’t mean a complete stop to my adventures – just a short break to about Springtime or thereabouts.

It is giving me a chance to catch my breath and sort out and catalogue nearly 7000 photos that I have accumulated over the past few years, and also to plan some new expeditions for when I get better. I was running out of ideas!

So, to make amends, I am posting a shot of beautiful Wharfedale that I took recently, I live about 20 minutes away.

It is beautiful countryside and nice viewed big – enjoy  🙂