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I was driving over the high moors a few days ago, coming back from Summer Bridge in the North. The sun was setting and the distant moors had a superb orange glow. The towns of Ilkley and Burley-in-Wharfedale in the valley were starting to get a veil of mist from the river Wharfe in the bottom.

As I got to the summit of the hill, just before it starts to drop down into Otley, I caught a glimpse of a familiar land mark to the South. The little clump of trees in the first photo is called Fairy Dell. It is visible for miles around.

Legend says it is a spot where faere meet at midnight, and seeing it like this with mist swirling around it is half believable.

My mother, who was a member of the local Antiquarians, once told me she had heard that it was a place where people had buried the plague victims many hundreds of years ago.

I don’t know for sure – I can’t find anything out about it in books or the internet. I guess it is just one of those places that for some reason or other has a legend associated with it…