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Well, I have been signed off by the knee surgeon and the physio. I have to be very careful, but I am finally allowed out. I probably won’t be doing a lot of hiking over the moors just yet, – the terrain is just too rough – but this is something to look forward to in a month or so. For anyone who doesn’t know, I have had a knee replacement 6 weeks ago.

So far I have walked 2 or 3 miles – along pavements, without a stick and with no pain. I still have a month off work to allow me to recover properly.

In the meantime, this is one of my favourite haunts, Blubberhouses moor – full of secrets, and if you blow it up big you can just make out the Roman road in the distance – just above the top of the small cairn. It swings round to the top and heads into the far distance before disappearing into the moorland.

Isn’t it a fantastic place to explore? I can’t wait to get out there again  🙂