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One of the great things about staying with friends – people who know the secret locations of an area, is that you get to see the sights that you normally wouldn’t if you go to a place on your own – or on an ‘official’ tour.

This little circle of rocks is a prehistoric cairn circle – possibly a burial. It is situated 150 yards away from the Witches Stone in the previous post. It is a delightful little circle – and at the far side (if you make the photo large – you can just see it) is a superb rock carving.

This day the lighting was just right to pick out the carvings – often, when the light is flat, you find that it can be almost impossible to see all but the most pronounced carvings – and bearing in mind that it is estimated that most are between 5 to 6 thousand years old, then it is no wonder that many have worn away.

But these ones really are superb! And just to see them lying next to this beautiful little ring cairn in a lonely field in the Scottish Highlands, with the mountains all around is doubly impressive. What a superb little site!

You can read more about the Monzie Carving here.