I am sorry, I have to get this off my chest…

I had just come back from a walk a short while ago, and was in the process of getting my boots off and packing my trusty camera away. I had noticed a chap sat in his car watching me, but I didn’t take much notice of him.

Anyway, he came over to talk to me and he was sporting a huge dslr around his neck with a big white telephoto lens. Straight away, without introducing himself, he asked me if I had a camera (he must have seen me packing mine away)…and I said suspiciously ‘yes’, and he then asked me what it was and I told him.

He then proceeded to show me his (I have little interest in cameras), detailing what each dial and button did…and when he had finished, he said ‘I think I have won that one then…mine is obviously much better than yours’…

‘and because it is a better camera, it stands to reason that I’ll be a better photographer than you!’. And then he got into his car and drove off with a very smug look on his face.