Fowlis Wester is a small village about 12 miles from Perth in bonnie Scotland. At the end of January, on a gorgeous late afternoon, we drove up through the village and on to the high moors in search of prehistoric rings and cairns.

Walking along an ancient track over the vast, empty moorland, we came to a standing stone which marked our destination.

Two in all, a circle and a cairn – both ruined, but still recognisable. The late afternoon sun drew long shadows over this pile of ancient stones, and we walked amongst them in quiet and respect. Even ‘Blue’, our companions’ mastiff seemed awed.

Excavations took place in 1939 and fragments of unidentifiable burnt bone and charcoal were found mixed with quartz chips.

No one really knows exactly what the site was used for, maybe a cremation, but whatever it was it is a superb place to be, with the vastness of the Scottish moors as a backdrop.

A couple more photos then we set off just as the sun was starting to set, we had one more place to visit before we went back to civilisation.

Fowlis Wester was just such a nice place to visit – a fairly short walk through stunning scenery, and two circles to see. Nothing jaw dropping like some of the other places we saw in Scotland, but really nice and ‘friendly’ all the same. Well worth a visit if you are nearby.