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It has been ages since I had a good old poke about on Rombalds moor. I have been up there a couple of times lately, but they were just showing people around on the ‘tourist trails’, as I like to call them – defined tracks that generally lead somewhere. You can do the ‘Grand Tour’ taking in several stone circles, rock art and some gigantic prehistoric tombs – although not many know about these – in about 5 or 6 miles.

What I mean is getting to the back of beyond, where no one goes and there are no tracks. The moors are full of secrets and I like to just have a good old wander around on the empty moors all by myself, poking about, trying to find new rock art or maybe an unknown prehistoric settlement or a burial or something. I found a prehistoric track a few years ago by just going out and scratting around on my own at the back of beyond.

Yesterday I worked from home. I finished at 4pm and was on the moors by quarter past. It had rained heavy previously for a few days, and the ground was sodden. I walked South West for an hour or so, sniffing around and before long I noticed it was starting to get dark. I know the moors very well, I doubt if I would ever get lost on them, but I didn’t want to end up waist deep in a bog, or twist an ankle – the ground is slippery and uneven.

So after a couple of hours I returned, not finding anything of interest this time, but having a fine time anyway. The sun was setting as I crossed Backstone Beck and passed the haunted circle and made my way back to the car park.

The sun was going down behind the iconic rocks of ‘The Cow and Calf’ – one of the ‘gateways’ to the moors, and where I had parked my car – and I noticed one or two climbers still on the rocks getting ready to pack up.

And driving home across the valley, looking back towards the moors the last of the light was fading and I was glad to be going home to Shirl and the dry and the warmth, but also glad of where I have chosen to live with the beautiful moors all around me. Where I can just pop out for an hour or so after work and have a scrat about on the moors. It is what I like doing the most and it does my Soul good.