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I finish work for good at the end of April, and my boss has been kind enough to allow me to work from home a lot. This means I finish at 4 and can be away. My grandson has been staying with us for a couple of days, and in order to drag him away from the XBox I suggested we go for a walk on the moors.

He is always up for a walk, he enjoys it as much as I do. Shirl was planning on making his favourite – home made lasagna, so we couldn’t be long.

I wanted to take him somewhere he hadn’t been before – somewhere that didn’t take an age to get to, and seeing that he has been to just about all the interesting places on the moor I was racking my brains.

Then I remembered the Badger Stone – about 20 minutes walk from the car, the views are stunning and the place has interest. It is a smallish stone on its own on the moors and completely covered in prehistoric rock art.

Looking down onto the town of Ilkley from the high moors.

It is very mysterious and the setting is gorgeous, especially as it was such a nice day.

We could see for miles, right across to the Yorkshire Dales far away.

Eventually we set off back home – to Shirl and her delicious home made lasagna (and I had a beer)..

If you would like to know more about this fascinating stone, you can read about it here.