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In the mid 1980’s members of Ilkley Archaeological Group, along with the regional archaeologist, reconstructed one of the Bronze Age settlements on Ilkley moor.

There are remains of several settlements on these moors, but Backstone is particulary fine – it also has a very eerie stone circle nearby, which the archaeologist thought may have been the religious site for the settlement.

Flints, some small fragments of pottery, part of a shale bangle and the rim of a jet cup have been unearthed during excavations on this site.

There is also evidence that the site may have been used sporadically for 2000 years before the settlement was built.

There are some fine examples or prehistoric rock carvings nearby too – a couple are shown here (ignore the small boy nearly standing on one)…

Backstone enclosure is a really nice, quiet place. Even though there are a couple of little paths nearby, not many people come here and you can pretty much guarantee that you will have the place to yourself.

It is a nice spot to have a sandwich, day dream and watch Red kites, or lapwings (if you are lucky enough to see one).