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I am one of the lucky ones. I no longer have to get out of bed at an obscene hour and get on a (always late, dirty and over crowded train) to go to work. My time is pretty much my own now…although I seem to be much busier these days. I have started a new website which documents the weird and wonderful artifacts and mysteries of the moors (more later – it is a big project). And of course now that I am not ‘working’ I have things to do around the house that never got done whilst I was was working.

But I can still do pretty much what I want now and this allows me to spent more time exploring the moors and Dales where I live.

Yesterday I was up beautiful Nidderdale, an old caving buddy told me of a new discovery at the back of Stump Cross and I was there for most of the day, poking around the old mine shafts and levels.

I drove back the long, scenic route over ‘the tops’ via Appletreewick and as I was on the long lonely road, I came across this scene, so typical in this part of the world, a farmer and his dog herding sheep from one field to the next. They took about 20 minutes and I was in no rush at all. I sat very contentedly just watching them go about their business – occasionally driving just a little bit further to catch them up. The farmer wasn’t in any hurry and it was a beautiful day.

It reminded me in a way about the commute I used to do every day, and I was so glad that I no longer had to rush around like sheep anymore – hurrying to get somewhere.