Well, maybe that’s not strictly true. Lets just say that Summer is my least favourite month of the year.

Oh yes, I enjoy the long days, but as a photographer the light is often harsh and I much prefer the gentle, softer light of Spring or Autumn, especially in the early mornings. And I love the snow and the cold too, so Winters are special. Maybe it is because I grew up in Canada where winters are always cold and snowy.

But just occasionally the light does become soft in Summer, when the sun is low and the day hasn’t been too hot.

Standing on one of the rocky outcrops a few miles from home and the light is playing nice. I rarely use a tripod, I find them restrictive, but I knew the light was going to be slow and I used a 300 mm Nikkor to get the right perspective of the moors in the distance in the second shot, so this time I used it.

And then the sky slowly turned orange and the light bathed the fields in a beautiful soft warm glow.

Maybe Summer isn’t all that bad after all…