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I have been spending a lot of time on the beautiful North Yorkshire moors recently, specifically around the lovely village of Pickering. There is so much to explore, and not knowing the area much it is really exciting studying maps and going off for the day to see what is there. The moors are huge, and bleak and covered in ancient artefacts and interesting things. Just what I love.

One of the places on my list was the Bronze Age stone circle called High Bridestones. I knew it was badly damaged, but I still needed to visit it – and fortunately the heather had previously been burnt back, so nice and short.

It is thought the circle is of the ‘four poster’ type, with some of the stones lying in the heather. The main stone is about 6 feet high, but over the years people have hammered coins into the cracks – not sure why but maybe some sort of ‘offering’ or plea for good luck. I have seen food left at stone circles, but not that many coins. maybe just vandalism – certainly the coins have split the stone and this will add to the damage. But nonetheless it is a fine site – and the views over the moors are truly gorgeous.

There is a legend associated with these stones – in the dim and dark past, a wedding party was making it’s way to church. A fog came down and they got lost. They wandered around on the moors for years, finding neither the church nor their homes and eventually they turned to stone.

A nice tale – not sure that I believe it though…