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I think everyone likes autumn. I love walking through woods in autumn, especially when the light is low and thick as golden syrup – and the leaves are a carpet of reds and browns.

On this day I had a new toy, one that I had wanted for awhile. A brand new 10 – 20 mm zoom.

For non photographers, this zoom is wide – really wide (you can almost see the back of your head when you look through it). And this one is sharp – very sharp too. It adds another dimension to your photography.

So I planned to bring only this lens with me (I have a lot of gear and it can be heavy), but something told me to bring a couple of long zooms – and I am glad I did.

Because turning a corner I saw a pair of Cormorants fishing in the mist. The 10 – 20 zoom wouldn’t be any use – so I clicked on a 300mm lens and took a couple of dozen.

A bit of a lesson this, always be prepared!