It seemed like I have been stuck indoors forever. I know I was out a couple of weeks ago with Mackenzie up Penyghent, but if I am inside for more than a couple of days I go crazy. I had things to do, photographs don’t sell themselves and I had some marketing emails that were long overdue.

I can see the moors from my window, and the clouds were constantly changing and moving – it was very windy, but bright. Ideal conditions for a bimble with a camera.

I didn’t have a set place in mind, sometimes it is nice to just wander around. I would never get lost on the moors – half a century of wandering them has paid dividends. I probably know the moors better than most and have no fear of them. Only one place I avoid, the Green Bog, where it is rumoured people have disappeared without trace, pulled under into the depths. But I wasn’t going that way.

I just had a wander around for a couple of hours, taking photos of some of the Neolithic rock art that abounds on the moors. On the way, I paid my respects to the ‘Twelve Apostles’, our own much damaged 5000 year old stone circle, and eventually headed to the place where four moors meet – Burley, Bingley, Ilkley and Morton.

Here are some strange stones that I was once told were called the ‘Folding Stones’ by a local gamekeeper. Legend says that Druids worshipped here andΒ  records from the 14th century showed that Freemasons met here, led by Sir Walter Hawkesworth.

Nicholas Size, in his little (and extremely rare) publication ‘Haunted Ilkley Moor’ (1934) calls this place ‘The Place of Horror’ and says that Roman Soldiers slaughtered the ancient peoples here and that their ghosts haunt these moors.

Anyway, the views were excellent, but I had one eye on the clouds and they were getting black and moving fast. Time to leave and make my way to the car several miles distant. Not much shelter out here if it decided to chuck it down.

Anyway, I took many shots and spent most of the afternoon fiddling with them. The marketing will have to wait till tomorrow – oh well, at least batteries were charged fully – well, for a couple of days at least.