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From the Astronomical point of view, winter starts on December 21st (Winter Solstice, shortest day).ย However, Meteorologists use December 1st until February 28th as winter. I don’t know why that is…

Whenever it starts, it has been getting very cold and icy lately – and Dawn gets later and later. I don’t mind Winter – apart from de-icing the car which seems a chore. Cold and snow hold no fear for me – maybe being born and living my childhood in Ontario has toughened me up. British winters are nothing like Canadian winters!

I love being outside in Winter, dressing up warm and taking photos. Autumn and winter are my two favourite seasons, although they can both be drab. Colours are often muted and dull.

So I got up early this morning and had a bimble around one of the larger reservoirs near my house. I rarely walk this one – it must be half a dozen years since I was here but nonetheless it is very enjoyable – and because it was cold and early no one was about. Only wildfowl making a noise – so I sat awhile and watched them. Mostly ducks, not worth putting on a long lens – I see ducks every day as the river Wharfe is at the bottom of my street and it is chock a block with ducks and other water birds. Ducks don’t excite me.

Apart from the beauty of the season, I also like the decay it brings. Old leaves compost and some plants wither and die. It is just Nature doing it’s thing – clearing out the old ready for renewal in Spring. Turning everything to mulch and mud.

I wish I could clear away parts of my life and start again!